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we will not be posting any instructions or plans on how each diy was created but maybe some time in the near future if time permits. these pages will give you some idea on how these diys were made and the end result of our diy venture. We will be providing you with resourceful links that we used to help create these diys. Currently we do not have time to answer any emails in regards to our diy section.

The results are from months of research and help from hobbyist and professionals online and it truly is amazing how most people are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with strangers. Without these helpful people and vast amounts of information that you can gather on the internet from forums, tutorials and websites, a large amount of these diy’s would not have been possible to build.

We would like to thank all those who had the patience to answer any of our questions in regards to our diy’s as well as thanks to those people who have created websites filled with tutorials and information about diy projects.

Any person can create these diy’s, for some it may take more time, for some the results may not be as good, but it can be done. Most projects require the help of atleast one other person and it best be advised that atleast two people work on these projects, not only for safety reasons but also as a second opinion on your progress and a second mind. How well the results are will depend on you, but do not give up. For some people, diy’s can save you money, but it all depends on how important is your time. Diys can mean its custom suited for the person building it. You can build something that is better built than those that are mass produced in the stores and building things will teach you new skills and knowledge. But there are also negative drawbacks about diys. The results may not turn out the way you expected. It can take time away from you which you could be using to do other things which you may find more important. You could get injured.

These are just some things you should consider before taking on a diy project. Some projects are simple to build and some may require practice to get your skill level to an acceptable stage. You can build something or you can build something nice… just be patient and practice if you have to and plan.

To those who are planning to take on a diy project, best of luck and we hope that our pages has helped you in some way.


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